You Are Always Marketing!

Consider you went to a job interview and the interviewer asked you to talk about yourself. You go on listing your skills and achievements hoping you convince her that you, among all other candidates, are the best option for this job. Guess what! You are actually MARKETING yourself!

How about that moment when you meet your girlfriend’s parents for the first time. What would you do to make the best impression? You dress sharp, come on time, and be on your best behavior. Again. Marketing yourself.

Marketing knowledge in its purest form can help you tackle life like a pro. What about the business side of marketing?

What is the difference between a store that closes down after 6 months of operation, the store that sustains but never grows, and the store that evolves into a global franchise? We can’t give all credit to marketing, but you be sure it has a critical role in that case.

Here is where our mission at Marketing Syllabus started, To provide marketing knowledge to everyone, in the simplest form possible.

Welcome to our journey! Be part of our movement and share this message with the world.

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